Friday, August 29, 2014

Review: Wish App Purse Organizer for Stationery Supplies/Travel Planner Station

So a few weeks ago on one of the Facebook Groups, someone was nice enough to invite the group members to sign up for the Wish mobile app which also gave us a $10 gift to be used toward anything...I decided to sign up and pick up a 10 pack of washi and purse organizer using my credit and in the end I only had to pay $2 for my shipping costs.  For $2 I couldn't pass it up, right? The washi hasn't come in yet, but the purse organizer has so here is how I'm using the purse organizer (click here for link) as my travel planner station:
Pictured with an Filofax A5 Domino
Front View
Back View
Zip Pocket for Diary Stickers & Acrylic Stamps

Another Zip Pocket for Ink
Showing a Filofax Personal Size Domino
Thin washi, indication stickers, my collection of favorite Pilot Juice pens, 3 Uni Style Fit Multipens, a washi pen marker, and a 3X4 We R Memory Keepers Journal Card Pad

Small acrylic block, Memento Dew Drop inks, Elmer's Repositionable Glue, Martha Stewart Tabs, single hole punch, correction tape, two mini binder clips, my two go-to StudioL2E stamp sets, and my collection of Korean diary stickers

The material is polyester and it seems like its going to hold up pretty well.  I was using a cosmetic case before and one of those passport holders from ebay, which couldn't hold anywhere near what the purse organizer can take on.  I love there there are a ton of pockets to hold all my goodies all in one place.  The middle section is big enough to hold my personal size Filofax as well as a small pencil case I use to hold my washi tapes.  I would definitely recommend this buy for anyone who carries around a large purse or tote and wants to travel with all their stationery goodies around with them.  The organizer also has two small handles in the middle which makes it easy to pull the organizer out of my purse whenver I need to. 

To me, it was a great buy since I only had to pay $2 for shipping and it was basically free with the invite code plus the Wish app has a ton of other cute and cheap goodies too. 

So if you'd like to order one for yourself, here my invite code to get your $10 gift from Wish:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Setup Walkthrough Medium Kikki.K Mint & Gold Planner

Today was the last day of my vacation from work, so I decided to treat myself to a little stationery shopping at Target and scored lots of adorable goodies in the Dollar Spot section.  I decided to work on my Medium Kikki.K in Mint & Gold using my new supplies.  Here's the setup walkthrough:

Here are some more detailed photos of my new setup:

Dividers and notepads from Target Dollar Bin Spot
Weekly inserts: (Week on 2 Pages, Cotton Cream Layout, personal size)
Daily inserts:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Dividers for My Kikki.K

I decided it was time for a new set of dividers and to bust out my has been too long since I played with my scrapbooking supplies and it was so much fun to get my craft on...I'm still not done though...haven't decided if I want to laminate them or not...and I still have to use my Dymo to label my sections....Here's the pictures of my new handmade set:

Digi stamps are from Krista Smith of Saturated Canary colored in with Copic markers; paper and embellishments are from Maggie Holmes Crate Paper collection; Project Life cards are from MH Flea Market edition.  

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Raskog Filofax Cart/ Planner Organization Set Up

Today I'm sharing how I organize all my planner supplies.  Here is a picture of my beloved Raskog Kitchen Cart that I purchased from my local IKEA.  It comes in three colors: turquoise, beige and dark grey but since it came in my favorite color I had to get mine in turquoise.  This lovely cart retails for about $49.95.

In my top section, I like to keep all my notepads, post-its,  and sticky flags.  To make it a little more organized I purchased a few Antonius Baskets ($3.99 each) at Ikea as well which fit perfectly in the cart.

In my middle section, I have all my Becky Higgins Project Life cards, a few 6X6 scrapbook pads, my Rapesco punch, my DYMO labeler and a few small hole punches.

And in my bottom section, I keep my stash of washi tapes, my collection of date stamp rollers, and another small container for odds and ends.

I absolutely love that I can wheel this cart over to my craft desk when I'm planning/decorating in my planner.  Seriously...I plan on buy a few more of these carts to help keep my things tidy around the house and I'll probably get one for my office at work too.  Now where do I keep all my ink pads and pen hoard? Well I found a three drawer organizer made by Sterilite at my local Target that happens to match the cart color pretty closely.  I keep that on top of my desk so I have access to all my goodies within arms reach.

So now its your turn? How do you organize all your planner goodies? 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Early Birthday Mini Haul

TECHNICALLY my birthday is not until next week...however, today is payday so I decided to do some early birthday spoiling of myself...nothing too crazy but I did find some pretty awesome things...

First, I stopped at Michaels and found a bunch of washi because you can never, ever, ever have too much washi:

My favorite is the last one on the right...not just because it is adorable but also because it was on clearance so I had to grab it. I also picked up some more Memento inks and a few calligraphy pens to practice with. 
Next I stopped off at Target since I had to return some stuff for the hubs and I picked up this cute little mini highlighter set from Yoobi. I haven't tested them out but they are so cute and mini and for $4.99, why not...
And then my last stop was at TJ Maxx where I found this makeup organizer sitting on the clearance rack for only $3.99.  My passport holder that I normally use for all my planner supplies is pretty shabby looking and its pink which I am not a big fan when I saw this makeup bag in my favorite color and for a steal, I figured I would try it out...I also bought myself a cute little romper for summer...also from the clearance section because this girl loves her bargains...

The Uni Style Fit pens I ordered from since I have been seeing all the raves about them everywhere so I decided to try them.  I'm not madly in love with these pens and I think I'm still leaning towards my Hi-Tec-C coleto...they write fine but there's just something I love a little bit more about my coleto...

And that's pretty much it

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Well Hello... Again...

Um yeah, so I officially SUCK at blogging...since I did like five posts in 2013 and then dropped off the face of the bloggerworld...and I took it a step further and took a hiatus from paper planning..*GASP* yes I was awful...I thought I could be a total hipster and live on my macbook and ipad mini and my cell phone for all my planning/organizational needs...but I eventually came to my senses and found my way back to my medium mint green kikki.k planner...oh how I missed I've figured out that I can't go strictly digital...and I also can't go purely I've settled on a happy compromise where I use my ipad mini to quickly note my dates and appointments, which I then transfer when I have the time to my paper planner....and then for my daily journal/devotional I've been trying out this Hobonichi (well in my case its a Fauxbonichi because I'm too cheap to buy an authentic Hobo) later you'll probably see me post about my new Hobonichi-style journal since its the latest hotness for me...

A lot has happened from the last time I blogged...because that's what happens when you don't blog for almost a year...since my last post, I have taken up for a 10K in October...I've lost all the baby weight and am smaller than I was when I first started dating the hubby...for my 30th birthday I decided to get something for myself...which I haven't decided whether or not I'll blog we will are bigger and smarter than ever...I went back to school for my Master's...and that's pretty much all that I can think of right here's to hoping it doesn't take me another year to post my next blog...