Well hello there darling! So you want to know about little ole' me huh? I am 30 years old.  Born and raised in Southern California, I am mama to three beautiful children, Jamie Lynn (age 7), Paige (age 3), and Elijah (20 months)...not sure what else I'm supposed to write so here are just some random facts about me...if you want to know anything else, well, then just ask me!

  • I love to craft...scrapbook, stamping, copic coloring, but I have serious craft A.D.D..I have a really bad habit of starting multiple projects and never really finishing them because I always want to try something new...
  • I hoard stationery...paper, stickers, pens, highlighters, Filofax, Kikki.K, Hobonichi (or in my case fauxbonichi because I'm cheap)
  • I am obsessed with anything Hello Kitty...especially nerdy Hello Kitty...I have loved her since I was a little girl and I have never really grown out of that part of my life...I shamelessly have HK supplies at work even though I get ruthlessly teased by my coworkers...
  • I am only 4'11...without heels...which means I can get as tall as 5'1 on a good day...sitting up really tall without slouching
  • I admit that I am extremely sarcastic....which gets me into a lot of trouble and rubs people the wrong way...so if you are easily offended...well then suck it up buttercup..no ones forcing you to read my blog...
  • I love to read...I would rather read than go to a movie...and it has to be a real book..not an audiobook or a digital book on my iPad..I have to be able to turn pages and hold it in my hands...and smell the pages...yes smell...only a true librophile would understand

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