Friday, June 20, 2014

Early Birthday Mini Haul

TECHNICALLY my birthday is not until next week...however, today is payday so I decided to do some early birthday spoiling of myself...nothing too crazy but I did find some pretty awesome things...

First, I stopped at Michaels and found a bunch of washi because you can never, ever, ever have too much washi:

My favorite is the last one on the right...not just because it is adorable but also because it was on clearance so I had to grab it. I also picked up some more Memento inks and a few calligraphy pens to practice with. 
Next I stopped off at Target since I had to return some stuff for the hubs and I picked up this cute little mini highlighter set from Yoobi. I haven't tested them out but they are so cute and mini and for $4.99, why not...
And then my last stop was at TJ Maxx where I found this makeup organizer sitting on the clearance rack for only $3.99.  My passport holder that I normally use for all my planner supplies is pretty shabby looking and its pink which I am not a big fan when I saw this makeup bag in my favorite color and for a steal, I figured I would try it out...I also bought myself a cute little romper for summer...also from the clearance section because this girl loves her bargains...

The Uni Style Fit pens I ordered from since I have been seeing all the raves about them everywhere so I decided to try them.  I'm not madly in love with these pens and I think I'm still leaning towards my Hi-Tec-C coleto...they write fine but there's just something I love a little bit more about my coleto...

And that's pretty much it


  1. Awesome haul! Love the cute pouch.

    Happy early birthday!

    Lesley @ Annie's Paper Boutique & Trendy Twine

  2. Love your blog lady! And I assume the colorful honeycomb washi came from Michael's too? I haven't seen it at my local one :(