Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Raskog Filofax Cart/ Planner Organization Set Up

Today I'm sharing how I organize all my planner supplies.  Here is a picture of my beloved Raskog Kitchen Cart that I purchased from my local IKEA.  It comes in three colors: turquoise, beige and dark grey but since it came in my favorite color I had to get mine in turquoise.  This lovely cart retails for about $49.95.

In my top section, I like to keep all my notepads, post-its,  and sticky flags.  To make it a little more organized I purchased a few Antonius Baskets ($3.99 each) at Ikea as well which fit perfectly in the cart.

In my middle section, I have all my Becky Higgins Project Life cards, a few 6X6 scrapbook pads, my Rapesco punch, my DYMO labeler and a few small hole punches.

And in my bottom section, I keep my stash of washi tapes, my collection of date stamp rollers, and another small container for odds and ends.

I absolutely love that I can wheel this cart over to my craft desk when I'm planning/decorating in my planner.  Seriously...I plan on buy a few more of these carts to help keep my things tidy around the house and I'll probably get one for my office at work too.  Now where do I keep all my ink pads and pen hoard? Well I found a three drawer organizer made by Sterilite at my local Target that happens to match the cart color pretty closely.  I keep that on top of my desk so I have access to all my goodies within arms reach.

So now its your turn? How do you organize all your planner goodies? 

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